Welcome to the West Midlands Java User Group!

The West Midlands Java User Group (aka WM-JUG) is a community of software developers who use languages for the JVM in their professional lives.

Affiliated with the Dublin Java User Group and the network of global JUGs, our mission is to provide a platform for Java education in the Birmingham and West Midlands area. Our monthly events enable our members to hear how new technology is being built and applied in companies across the world, and to learn best practice from the international Java experts (the ones that your boss won’t pay for you to meet at European and Worldwide conferences!).

WM-JUG events enable our members to meet and develop their local network of Java experts.

Next Event

Image SpeakerLive-Stream of jChampions Talk with Java Champion Mary Grygleski
jChampions is a global online conference of talks by Java Champions from across the world. On the evening of Tuesday 24th January, the Dublin Java User Group will live-stream Mary Grygleski talk **Event Messaging and Streaming with Apache Pulsar** plus a bonus talk **Building An Efficient Streaming Data Pipeline with Apache Pulsar and Apache Cassandra** Mary's talks will also be held in person in Birmingham on Thursday 26th January - details for this talk, here

Past Event

Image Speaker2020 March - DeepCodeAI's Frank Fischer
Frank Fischer is head of Developer Relations at DeepCode, the Zurich based company that uses AI to identify bugs before they happen. He is coming to present at the West Midlands Java User Group. This developer-only event takes place at 19:00 on Wednesday 12th February in Birmingham city centre. #**Booking Notes** ##Please respect that seats are in demand. Please check your schedule **BEFORE** booking a seat to be **100% sure you can attend.** We do not have the resources to back-fill cancellations. **It is NOT OK to take a seat then not show!** Only registrations through this page will be guaranteed a seat. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you are not the intended audience.

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